I am a wife to Jeff. He's my best friend. My favorite person. We've been married for fifteen years. We are constantly being reminded by our dear children that we are getting old. That's okay, though. Because each year together is a blessing. And some people don't have the chance for this many years of marriage. So, I'm choosing to be thankful, gray hairs, wrinkles, and growing children. 

I am a mom to a small army. Or at least that's how I feel when I go to the grocery store. We have five growing children. Yes, my hands are full. But, not full enough. Ava, Crusoe, Isa, Liam and Luca are beautiful blessings. Each of their lives is a testament to the faithfulness of God. Each one is an extraordinary miracle to me. Prayed for, chosen, and dearly loved. I've given birth four times and adopted twice. I've carried three babies whom I have never held. I am a mama to nine children, and someday I will be reunited with all of them.

My heart has a Thao-sized hole in it. My son, Thao (Tay-o) went to be with Jesus when he was just five-years-old. Like I said, everyday is a blessing. Growing older is both a blessing and curse. Not everyone gets to live thirty-some years. I would have gladly traded places so that Thao could have had that chance. But God's plans are not my plans, and vice versa. I've learned that God, in all His sovereignty allows the bitter but blesses us with sweet.