I am a wandering heart. I wander from place to place, house to home, satisfied to restless. My mind goes from Earth to Heaven. From present to past to future and back again. From deep grief to full-on joy. I go from knowing full well and trusting in His promises to melting in a puddle over my son’s grassy grave. I lift my hands in praise and in the same breath I crumble at the foot of the cross. I am growing and serving and loving as best I can. And I still fall short. I am a greenhouser’s wife, a homeschooling mama and a friend who struggles to return text messages. I am resting in Him because parenting is hard and mothering kids who have gone through loss is even harder. I long to be filled so that I can pour out.

And this is that place.

A place to find rest. A place to go deep. A place to nourish the soul. A place to be still. A place to know God more. 

In the midst of the everyday. Mothering. Grieving. Serving. Growing. 

Come as you are, you are welcome here. The weary and the burdened. The joyful and the sorrowful. The free spirit and the time keeper.

Gather around the table. Lay down your burdens. Cry out your fears. Give up our worries. Together, we will pursue our Creator. Together we will find truth. 

Truth that is our home. Truth that is our peace. Truth that calls us who we are meant to be, beloved children of the King. 

Beloved, find rest. 

Welcome, fellow sojourners. We are just passing through.